Barefoot Pundit

The Plane, The Plane

Do you all remember the TV show Fantasy Island?  Ricardo Montalban’s assistant Hervé Villechaize would be watching the sky and crying out The Plane, The Plane as the aircraft bringing people to the island was getting ready to land. 


Yesterday’s contretemps between President Trump and Nancy Pelosi reminded the Pundit of Fantasy Island.  Nancy Pelosi might have had a slightly different response. Not The plane, the plane.  Just “Where is the plane?”  Payback is a bitch.


Good old San Fran Nan thought she could take the President down by delaying the State of the Union address.  When are these Democrats going to realize that Donald Trump, contrary to the conventional Democrat wisdom, is not stupid?  He did not make it in the New York business community dealing with unions, the Mafia and high rolling competitors by being stupid. 


Nancy Pelosi was all set to take a jaunt to Afghanistan, Egypt and Belgium with a group of other Democrat legislators on the government’s (tax payers) dime.  She had no problem doing this in spite of the government shutdown.  She, of course, is getting paid as are all Congressional legislators unless they have specifically opted not to receive their pay.


Enter Donald Trump, the Darth Vader of Washington D.C.  He stopped Nancy and her group from flying on a military plane.  He stated that she needed to stay in Washington to negotiate the border issues and end the shutdown.  He graciously noted that she could take a commercial flight on her own dime.  No other Republican in our current political scene would have had the cojones to stop the little jaunt. 


The classic scene is all of the legislator’s luggage dropped off unceremoniously at their office doors.  Apparently, Nancy had seven pieces of luggage.  Do you wonder who packed all those suitcases? 


The Pundit hopes that the State of the Union is not given in the House of Representatives Chamber.  The newest group of bizarre Democrat legislators would undoubtedly make a big scene and behave badly.  What else is new but the President does not need to have to put up with their stupidity and horrible manners. 


You go Nancy.  Check in at the nearest airport and wait in line like everybody else.