Barefoot Pundit

Logic? Oh Really!

The Pundit has just one question.  In order to be a Democrat/Liberal do you have to be unable to think logically?  Or do you just have to be unable to think?


The tragic shootings in Florida have focused the nation on the tragedy of very disturbed people getting their hands on dangerous weapons.  Florida has also brought out every person in the country who hates the second amendment and who thinks that only the government should have weapons. 


The prime example of illogic and complete hubris is Kamela Harris.  The very pushy and in your face California Senator is so caught up in her liberal thinking that she does not appear to see the irony of her most recent statements. 


The Senator made a forceful speech about the killings in Florida and stated that we could not have this killing of our babies.  She then got in her car to attend a Planned Parenthood rally. 


What does Planned Parenthood do?  The majority of Planned Parenthood services consist of abortions.  What do they think they are killing?  Aliens from another planet?  In fact, Planned Parenthood has no problem killing babies in the 8th and 9th month of the pregnancy. 


So, apparently, Kamela Harris has no problem killing children in the womb but is horrified when older children are killed.  Guess all children’s lives are not equal.


It would be so great if more of our liberals could think logically.  Maybe they didn’t take any logic courses in college.  Maybe they just don’t like the conclusion logical thinking brings you to.