Barefoot Pundit

$30 Million For What?

The Mueller investigation has come to a close we hope and we now have the chance to see what $30 Million brought us.  Well, it appears there was no collusion.  It took two years for that announcement although it develops that Robert Mueller knew at least a year ago if not more that there was no collusion.  He could have announced it then but he of course kept digging.  What did his digging dig up?  It appears that a whole bunch of minor players were caught in process crimes which incidentally helped to destroy their lives and their finances.  Take a bow Mr. Mueller.


Now, we come to the question of obstruction.  Did Donald Trump stop this phony investigation?  No.  Did the Trump White House turn over thousands of documents? Yes.  Did the Trump White House fire the Special Prosecutor?  No.  Did it turn out that the President was extremely upset with the whole investigation?  You bet he was.  He starts his administration and is faced with an incredible investigation into nothing. President Trump was elected to carry out the agenda he campaigned on and that voters voted for.  The frustration the President felt was at times I am sure overwhelming.


Now, since Washington is such a swamp Journalist Sharyl Attkinson opines that one reason parts of the intelligence committee did not want Donald Trump to succeed was because they were afraid that his administration might discover many other illegalities that have occurred in the intelligence world.  For that matter, who knows what happened during the Obama administration?  Events like Benghazi and Fast and Furious might actually be far more complicated that the official version.


Nevertheless, isn’t it great that a whole number of lawyers and lesser political lights had a chance to earn a lot of money throughout this “investigation?”  $30 Million of your taxpayer dollars.  Isn’t this a great country?