Barefoot Pundit

  Hate Is Not Good For Your Psyche  

There is a news article about the President of the Student Body at Virginia University Commonwealth who has written that he hates white people and wants them all to die. The Pundit has one comment.  Such hate is an indication that intense therapy is needed. What is your life like when you spend your days and nights fantasizing about killing people?


There is another very important point although very politically incorrect:  Such hate suggests that the hater is really very unhappy with himself.  It also suggests that this hater secretly wishes he was white.  The obsession with white people indicates that this person believes that he can’t live life successfully as a black person. 


The tragedy with this belief is an indication that many black Americans do not know about all of the successful black citizens who succeeded in spite of the discrimination they experienced. Based on this person’s statements it appears that he believes that in order to succeed a person must be white.  He probably thinks that Barack Obama, General Clayton Powell, Dr. Ben Carson, Maya Angelou, Willie Mays, Burgess Owens and Dr. Martin Luther King succeeded in their lives because of a fluke. 


The fact is that these people worked hard in spite of challenges.  They did not lean on the excuse that they couldn’t succeed because of the color of their skin.  Neither did they fantasize about assuming that if they killed all white people then they would succeed.


Something is very much missing in the education of today’s youth.  They are being raised with no expectation of using their talents and skills and working hard.  Our “woke” society is constantly making excuses for the failures of our young people instead of challenging them to use all of their talents while putting in the hard work needed for success.  We are basically raising a generation of very weak people who cannot take responsibility for their actions.

This attitude does not bode well for the country.