Barefoot Pundit

No To Klobuchar

Well, if you give things time the truth will win out.  Did any of you think that Senator Amy Klobuchar was a reasonable candidate who might be a decent President?  Well, give it time and the truth comes out.


Senator Klobuchar has just come out with what she will do in her first 100 days if she is elected President.  She has a list of 100 Executive Orders she will issue in the first 100 days of her administration.  When you read them it is downright scary.  This woman has a plan for every part of our lives.  There is no area of your life that she does not address.  Of course, there is no mention of the fact that everyone of her Orders may well be challenged in court. 


What is truly disheartening about the Senator’s plan is the incredible amount of control and intrusion into the life of every American that the plan indicates.  There is nothing that is sacred.  The government will take care of everything.  The Senator may not realize that she has really written a script for Orwell’s 1984.  She is going to fix everything that she determines is wrong with the United States.  Ask the opinion of the voters!  Heavens no! The peasants (voters) do not need to be bothered.  The government knows best. 


Here is one of her Executive Orders.  It deals with Gun Violence legislation.  She will introduce universal background checks, close the gun show loophole, ban bump stocks, assault weapons and high capacity magazines.  A few words will solve all those problems.


It turns out that Senator Klobuchar is a perfect representation of the Democrat/Leftist mind set.  The government knows best.  It will make all the decisions and the peasants will be fat, dumb and happy. 


Readers:  this is not freedom and liberty.  This is enslavement.  No chains but no freedom.  Senator Klobuchar has actually revealed how the left thinks in this country.

This is a scary situation.  Get the word out.