Barefoot Pundit


Well, California and many other states are on lockdown.  Stay home and go out only to buy food, go to a doctor’s appointment (although many doctors have closed their offices), and only go out to deal with an emergency.  We are to shelter at home. 


Well, beyond the economic issues resulting from this virus we have to deal with the changes in our daily lives.  Parents are now home with their children all day while many also try to do their work from home.  It turns out that that is not so easy.  Having a teenager home all day while they are to do school work may be just a little bit frustrating. Dealing with businesses that are closed or only open with limited hours requires a great deal of planning. 


Then, of course, there is the challenge of taking precautions and staying healthy.  We are never sure if we are going to meet someone who has the virus and subsequently we become infected.  These are obviously difficult times.


However, there are a few bright spots.  The governing class is not immune to this pandemic.  Often, many of the hard times that happen in our country do not seem to affect the people in office.  That is not to say that we wish officials to get this virus.

However, it is nice to know that we are all in the same boat.


A better result of the lockdown is that the legislature is not in session for a month.  In fact, it might be longer.  That is a blessing for California because this legislature is passing every law they can to regulate, moderate and annoy every citizen.  Could we please go back to a part time legislature like we used to have?  Oh, what a dream!


Of great interest are Gavin Newsom’s ramblings about everything he thinks we should do.  Hopefully, he is just talking and will not actually try to carry out some things he has mentioned such as martial law.  The virus highlights the issue of the homeless.  It apparently took the virus to wake up officials that people living on the streets is a major health risk.  What did they think was happening before the virus?


One excellent result of this pandemic is the fact that the curtain has been lifted on our dependence on China especially when it comes to the manufacture of medication.  Americans are realizing that there are no medications manufactured in the United States. That is unacceptable.  We cannot be dependent on a communist country that really doesn’t like us and views us as their number one competitor.  It is times like this that it becomes very clear why Donald Trump’s push for America First is so important.  Pray that the President can maintain his strength in spite of all the abuse he receives.