Barefoot Pundit

Get Back on the Plantation!

What is the matter with Kayne West?  Does he really think he can get off the Democrat Plantation?  The liberals at CNN and MSNBC appear to think he has lost his mind.  He was referred to as a Negro who doesn’t read.  His appearance at the White House was also referred to as a Minstrel Show.  There were references made to his mental health. Oh my!   I thought you were not supposed to make fun of persons with mental issues. Oops!  I forgot.  This is a Republican we are talking about.


This whole Kayne West affair is a prime example of what minorities face when they attempt to get off the Democrat plantation!  It is just not something that can be freely done without repercussions.  If you are a member of a minority you are expected to be a Democrat.  The story put out all over is that Democrats are the party that takes care of minorities.  This story is possible because accurate history is not taught.  It was the Democrat party that supported slavery, fought the Civil War to maintain it and has managed to keep many minorities, especially African Americans, living in poverty and dysfunctional and unsafe neighborhoods.


The other major sin that Kayne West has committed is having a relationship with Donald Trump.  How could this black man have anything to do with this President who the world knows is a racist?  Oh, wait.  Under this President, African-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever.  Jobs have been created around the country and in the cities.  As a side note no one in the black community such as Jesse Jackson thought that Donald Trump was a racist when he was a registered Democrat who gave money to various black organizations.  But now he is a Republican and therefore a racist.


Listening to the media talk about Kayne West is frankly disgusting.  When he was unhappy with George Bush the media thought he was wonderful.  It appears that the media’s evaluation of Kayne West has nothing to do with him as a person.  The only thing that matters is what political party he is supporting.  What a sad state of affairs for our political life in America!