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What Don’t You Understand About Equal?

Does the left have anything else to say except racist when they are accused of something they don’t like?  Representative Elijah Cummings whose district includes the city of Baltimore has been carrying on and on about the President and how he is responsible for the terrible conditions at the border.  Well, the President responded.  Imagine that.  He suggested that Mr. Cummings should pay attention to his rat infected city of Baltimore and not be carrying on about the detention centers at the border which are in good shape except for being crowded.  Of course, when thousands of people arrive at a facility that was not meant for so many people there is going to be overcrowding.  Just a side note: Maybe the Democrats in Congress could have stayed in town and passed laws that would have fixed the mess at the border.


The interesting thing is that the moment an African American is criticized the response is that the person making the charge is a racist.  Apparently, African Americans are not really equal.  They cannot take criticisms like everyone else has to take them.  They wilt when something negative is said about them or their situation.  The reflex response is Racist.  So, of course the President is a racist.  Now, he also criticized Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district.  I’m sure that President Trump will be accused of being a misogynist and treating women terribly.


The left has not learned the lesson.  If you want to be truly equal then you have to be able to take the positive and the negative.  If you can’t then you are not really equal.  You have to have continual accommodations made for your tender psyche. 


By the way:  the president is absolutely correct.  Virtually all cities run by Democrats are rat infested cess pools.  You have to wonder.  When will the voters in all these places wake up?  Maybe they like living in rat infested cess pools.