Barefoot Pundit

Ignorance Will Cost You

To those of us who pay attention and have knowledge of history the situation in Washington D.C. is starting to border on catastrophic.  The radical left has taken over the center of power in our nation’s capital.  What has become apparent is that Democrats in 2021 do not have any respect or adherence to the Constitution and our system of government as a republic.

HR1 which was passed by the Democrats in the House of Representatives (and received not one Republican vote) is currently being debated in the Senate.  Democrat leaders are trying to get rid of the filibuster so that HR1 will pass in the evenly split Senate.  The Democrats are prepared to turn our system of government upside down in order to pass a bill that infringes on the responsibility of states to hold and manage elections.  Many of the other items in HR1 radically change how our government works.  Keep in mind that the changes give more and more power to a centralized federal government. 

The concern that many have is the fact that too many Americans have no real understanding of what is going on in Washington.   Racism is showing its ugly head but since efforts are made to favor only people of color, that is considered a good thing.  Two Senators have stated that they will not vote for a white nominee to an administration post.  The next nominees must be persons of color.  There did not appear to be any strong emphasis on qualifications. 

President Biden has opened the border and is allowing thousands of people into the country without any evidence of ability to earn a living or proof that they are not part of a drug cartel.  The unaccompanied minors coming in are ill equipped for the trip they are making and the numbers of travelers with Covid is in the hundreds.  That number only applies to those who have been tested.  It is the opinion of many that before this mess at the border ends a million people, many of them children, will have entered the United States.  Many of these travelers will need assistance in order to survive.  The unaccompanied minors will need to go to school whenever the schools finally open.  The stress being placed on our economic system and on our social services is going to be huge.  There already is huge stress on our border towns and cities and on  people who work at the border.   Democrats in Washington keep trying to blame President Trump for the border situation.  That story does not hold water since we did not have thousands of people coming over the border during his administration.  Donald Trump had set up a program that cut the flow of illegal immigrants down to a very manageable number.  He was also trying to finish the wall which Joe Biden stopped. 

When you look at the actions and listen to the words of Democrats in America, these are people who are prepared to destroy our system of government so they have total control of American lives.  This is a tragedy since many of us regard the United States and our Constitution as nothing less than a gift from God.  The Good Lord does not like to have his gifts ignored. 

Hang on to America.  Our country and its Constitution are truly a shining city on a hill.  More than that it is a gift from God.  Thank Him and take care of your gift.