Barefoot Pundit

Another Bright Idea

Never underestimate Congress and the bright ideas the members can come up with.  These original, earth shattering ideas must reflect the genius of congressional members.  So, what is the latest brilliance? 


Congress is intent on passing a law that restricts President Trump’s war powers so that he can’t use military force against Iran without approval of Congress.


It is no surprise that eight Republican Senators are prepared to vote with the Democrats. Apparently, President Trump’s removal of the Iranian General who was a murderer of so many Americans upset the crowd in Washington.  They are convinced that the President is going to start a war at any moment.


So now, if there is a need to eliminate some Iranian terrorists, the President will have to go to Congress for approval. 


This is almost funny.  How many Democrats, once they receive the request from the President to approve military action will find it impossible to keep any military plans quiet?  You just know our favorite Congressional members will have to call their buddies at CNN, MSNBC and their friends at the Washington Post, The New York Times and the Associated Press. 


You cannot manage a military operation by announcing plans to a gaggle of lawmakers. They have too much ego to fade into the background and let the President and the military do their job. 


This is another bright idea dreamed up by a Congress that cannot seem to understand that they are supposed to be working on legislation that benefits the American people. The fact that so many on the left were upset with the removal of an Iranian General who was a terrorist indicates these people have a distorted view of life and history.


The President will undoubtedly veto this legislation.  Thank God!


God Help the United States!