Barefoot Pundit

Same Old, Same Old

Well, there are never surprises when dealing with the left.  Now, we have 36 year old “accusations” against Judge Bret Kavanaugh.  So what else is new?  This is typical leftist, Alinsky behavior.  Make a charge that is basically unprovable and let it sit out there.  The target is compromised even if there is no real proof beyond someone’s story.


It is beginning to appear that all the Democrats have become students of Sol Alinsky. It seems that they are looking for every way they can to turn this country into a one party state where anyone who disagrees with them is silenced. 


Sexual attacks have become the ultimate in political warfare.  Drugs, theft and spying don’t come anywhere near the potency of sex.  Just make a charge.  That is all you need.


Now, what is interesting is that when actual charges are made in the legal system, paying attention to them depends on who you are.  Keith Ellison, running for Attorney General in Minnesota and second in charge of the national Democrat Party, has had legal charges filed against him by his previous girl friend.  No one in the media is talking about this. Ellison has been charged with physical abuse.  Haven’t noticed that the press is hounding him.  Oh, that’s right.  He is a Democrat.


Now, this whole ugly Kavanaugh story smells to high heaven.  Why did this woman come out and speak against Kavanaugh during these hearings?  Why didn’t she appear when Kavanaugh was going through the appointment process for the court he currently sits on?  Why didn’t she remember this story during those hearings?  Oh, wait.  She remembered this “event” in the early 2000’s.  Bret Kavanaugh was appointed to the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in 2006.


One last thought:  This accuser’s attorney appears to be involved with a group that is funded by George Soros.  Oh dear.  Why am I not surprised?  George Soros has his fingers and his money in every leftist action that ultimately is meant to destroy the basic foundations of the United States.  Alinsky lives.