Barefoot Pundit

A Legend is Gone

Today we heard the news that we have all been dreading for the past year.  Rush Limbaugh succumbed to lung cancer.  His suffering is over.  For many of us his absence is another kind of suffering.  We will not have the voice of someone who did not give up on his principles and who was never afraid to talk about his love of his country.  Most of all Rush Limbaugh was a patriot who loved America and was not shy to talk about the greatness of this country.  That is one of the defining characteristics of Rush Limbaugh:  Courage.  He adhered to his principles even through incredible attacks and criticism.  He made mistakes which he did not try to hide.  He worked to overcome those challenges.  He did not give up while fighting physical challenges.  The last challenge was one he could not win although he did everything he could to prolong his time with us. 


We will miss Rush’s take on the political scene.  He was so perceptive and so accurate. For many of us he got us through some depressing political eras.  Many of us only made it through the Clinton years because of Rush Limbaugh.  Without him insanity would have been the result of Bill and Hill in the White House. 


Rush Limbaugh’s voice, his wisdom and his generosity will be missed.  We need to take his message and remember it as we live our daily lives and work to keep the American dream alive.