Barefoot Pundit

Wow! A New Book

It is always good to have a supply of new books to educate the masses.  It is therefore necessary to note the latest book that will elevate the national discourse regarding the political life of the United States. 


Perhaps we should have a drum roll!  Jim Acosta of CNN has written a book.  A more cynical person might express amazement that Jim Acosta can write.  However, we will give him credit for that ability.


What is truly amazing is that anyone will buy this book.  CNN is in the tank when it comes to ratings.  Anyone who is serious about what is happening in this country and in the media knows that CNN does not do real news.  The station is biased and has numerous people on staff who are openly Trump haters.  Who can listen to them and believe what they are saying?


Beyond CNN’s problems there is the major dilemma about Mr. Acosta himself.  He is an incredible rude, show boater.  He does not focus on the story.  In his view he is the story.  He continually interrupted Press Secretary Sara Sanders and treated her as if she was a low paid servant.  The final blow was when Mr. Acosta would not give the mike back to the intern at the White House during a press conference there.  The scene was so bad that it almost looked like the President was going to leave the podium and take the mike from Mr. Acosta because the poor intern was being abused. 


After Mr. Trump removed Mr. Acosta’s press pass, CNN went to court to require that Mr. Acosta keep his press credentials.  The court ordered that he be reinstated.  Mr. Acosta got his credentials back but it was shortly after that that Sara Sanders basically stopped having press conferences.  They had turned into an hour of bashing Sara and of course the President.  Who needs this?  Besides, the President is very available to the press.  He is not in hiding.


The Pundit’s major concern is that too many people will buy this book and actually believe the material in it.  The lack of integrity, honesty and objectivity in our media today is a very serious problem.  Countries have been lost because of the manipulation of the media.