Barefoot Pundit

We’ll Do Anything To Get Trump

What do you say about a bunch of politicians who are willing to damage the country in order to destroy this President who the establishment is convinced had no right to win the Presidency?  There are no names awful enough to describe this bunch of treason abetting group of snakes.


Wait.  What have they done and who are they?  For your information in case you have not kept up:  Of course I can only be referring to those holier than thou legislators and insiders in Washington D.C. 


President Trump has approximately 120 nominations for a variety of positions including Ambassadors that have to be confirmed by the Senate.  Nothing is moving quickly since Democrats in the Senate are requiring up to 30 hours of debate on each nominee.  This is all done under the guise of doing their duty of vetting nominees.  Remember, none of this took place during the last four presidencies.  In fact, Colin Powell was approved by a voice vote.


Mike Pompeo, nominated for Secretary of State, has been challenged because he does not believe in gay marriage or abortion.  Now, neither of these issues have anything to do with the position of Secretary of State.  That doesn’t matter.  Democrats had to find something to disagree with Mr. Pompeo about since he is otherwise an extremely qualified candidate.  Now, let us remember that the Senate confirmed Mr. Pompeo for CIA Director last year.  Suddenly, he is persona non grata. 


Another prime example is Richard Grenell, who has been nominated for Ambassador to Germany.  Now, let us remember that Mr. Grenell is gay.  What happened to all those Democrats who are so quick to call Mr. Trump and Republicans homophobic?  Who knows?  The Senate is holding up his nomination.  The German government is getting concerned that there is no American Ambassador. 


Are the Democrats concerned about the United States and its functioning in the world? Of course not if it means that Donald Trump and his administration will be damaged or kept from fulfilling his agenda which is the reason that he was elected.


These Democrats are not patriots.  They are a dangerous fifth column and do nothing positive for the United States.