Barefoot Pundit

The Curtain is Lifted

The meeting between Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer was a chance for the American people to see what really goes on in Washington politics.  Behind the facade Miss Manners does not reign supreme.  Politics is nasty.  Participants are not always polite.  In fact, many of them can’t stand each other.  After an agreement is reached elected officials usually come out, smile and announce their decision as if everything is just great.


The meeting in the White House blew that facade up.  What viewers saw was how officials really feel.  It was clear that Nancy Pelosi was very concerned that the meeting was being recorded and televised.  There was an argument going on and Donald Trump was adamant about his position on the border wall.  The issue of border security was the whole topic and the President highlighted his commitment to border security while Pelosi and Schumer appeared not to be that concerned about the issue.


For politicians and Democrats especially, real feelings about issues are not always supposed to be seen by the voters.  The swamp wants to do its deals in secret with a patina of legality.  Donald Trump ripped that apart in the White House meeting.


The meeting in the White House is a very clear example of why so many of the embedded persons in Washington D.C. hate Donald Trump.  He often removes the curtain over the many ways that the Washington establishment operates.  That is not supposed to happen.  Presidents are supposed to play the game according to Swamp rules. That is especially true of Republican Presidents.  They are not to make waves. 


Do not underestimate the hate that Donald Trump engenders from people who think that Presidents, especially Republican Presidents, are to act a certain way.  It is assumed by the powers that be that Presidents are to toe the line.  It is ok to do all sorts of things behind closed doors even if that means you are breaking the law.  Sunshine on the legislative process is viewed that same way that vampires view sunshine. 


The truth about how Nancy and Chuck felt about the meeting was Nancy’s statements after the meeting.  She just had to attack Donald Trump’s manhood and made coarse remarks about bodily fluids.  That lets you know how much Donald Trump upset the leaders of the swamp.