Barefoot Pundit

Poor, Poor John

How many of you have left a job and still have the keys, the password for the computer system and access to the voice mail box?  None of you?  Well, guess you are not a reincarnation of John Brennan. 


When you leave your job you leave your job.  You don’t keep remnants of the job. It turns out in the Federal government that some high officials may keep their security clearance if it is believed that their experience will be helpful to the person who follows them in the job.  That of course applies to people who are really patriots and care about what happens to the United States.


That does not apply to John Brennan.  The question has been asked:  How did he get a security clearance in the first place?  This is a man who admitted to voting for Gus Hall, U.S. communist.  He has spent a great deal of time blasting President Trump, calling him a traitor and someone who colluded with Russia.  His security clearance was not being used to further the interests of the United States.  His security clearance was being used to blast the President and ultimately hurt America.


There are other Obama officials who need to have their security clearances revoked.  What some of these officials have done does not help the United States.


However, the Pundit is struck by the media’s reaction to Brennan’s loss of his security clearance.  According to the media, this act is going to lead to the country’s demise. President Trump has been accused of being petty and vindictive.  Oh Really? Does it not occur to them that Mr. Brennan is the one who is vindictive since he can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump won the election? 


Some “analysts” have equated the loss of clearance to a restriction of Mr. Brennan’s free speech rights.  It appears that Mr. Brennan has not received that memo.  He is bloviating all over television including on NBC and CNN.  Doesn’t look like he can’t talk.  Of course it would be better if he did close his mouth.


Let’s remember.  You left the job.  The perks are over. Thank God!