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This Could Be Fun!

Barefoot Pundit                      This Could Be Fun!                May 17, 2019


Well, things are getting pretty interesting in old Washington D.C.  Attorney General William Barr is shaking the city’s special people up.  Suddenly, all the important people might be called on the carpet for all the prevaricating things they have been doing regarding President Trump.


The upper levels of the FBI and possibly other agencies attempted to stop Donald Trump from becoming President or if that failed, destroying his presidency and forcing him out of office.  Well, that didn’t work.  The President was not guilty of what he was being charged with.  To make matters worse for the conspirators he cooperated with the

Mueller inquisition (Pundit’s word).  Oops!  No collusion found.  Oh great!  Let’s go for obstruction.  Well, they’re having some trouble proving that.  But never fear.  Democrats do not give up when their initial dirty deeds don’t work out.  They are persistent and will continue trying.  They absolutely cannot tolerate this President.  He is just not part of the swamp.


The pundit believes that the fun is just beginning.  As an example:  The President was at the event honoring fallen public safety officers.  Also in attendance was Attorney General Barr and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  Mr. Barr asked Mrs. Pelosi if she had her hand cuffs with her.  This of course was in reference to the House Democrats threatening to arrest the Attorney General because he refused to appear for an inquisition in the House conducted by staff lawyers.  Mrs. Pelosi made some inane response and the Attorney General laughed and moved on.  This man is a true jewel.


Apparently, a bull dog of a U.S. Attorney in Connecticut has been appointed by Mr. Barr to investigate many of the events and actions surrounding the Mueller inquisition. Some of the rats on the Democrat ship are starting to turn on each other.  They are making statements that they did not do anything illegal and are pointing the finger at their former comrades in this whole coup d’etat attempt. 


This whole ugly event and the forthcoming expose does make a person believe there is a God in Heaven.  Praise the Lord.