Barefoot Pundit

What is the Matter with the Left?

As we face the coronavirus and the effect it is having on our country and the world, the reaction of Democrats and leftists in the country is truly amazing.  The country is in a situation that requires that all hands are on deck working to save our citizens and bringing the country back to some economic stability.  Yet we get nothing from the left but constant criticism of the President and all members of his administration.  The media, which is just another arm of the Democrat Party, asks the most stupid, gotcha questions that have ever been asked of a President.  Even President Reagan (whom the left hated)didn’t get treated this badly.


Yes, we understand that Donald Trump was not supposed to win.  The left still can’t believe that this annoying New Yorker actually beat that woman who knew so much.   Of course, the truth is coming out now about how the FBI tried to overturn the 2016 election using their set up of General Flynn.  The left is howling now about Attorney General Barr.  They cannot have an Attorney General who actually follows the law.


The fixated hate of the left for Donald Trump has been called Trump Derangement Syndrome.  When many first heard this term they laughed it off and thought it was just a clever description.  Well, three years into this administration and it is no longer a joke.


Trump Derangement Syndrome exists.  Curing it would probably require months of intense therapy.  Anyone whose entire life is focused on hating one man has a problem. One person is not responsible for all the problems on earth unless that person is an Adolph Hitler with unlimited power and the willingness to kill millions.  Some on the left have compared Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler and the Gestapo.  So far, we haven’t seen over six million people dead.  Neither have we sent thousands of troops to war.  In fact, Donald Trump has been very cautious about sending our military off to fight wars around the world.


The tragedy is also that those with TDS never have their story correct.  Since they absorb media that is 100% anti-Trump much of their information is false and inaccurate.  It is truly sad to see what TDS has done to some otherwise nice people.  In order to defeat Donald Trump the left is prepared to discard all of their beliefs such as the Me Too Movement. 


Donald Trump is a man with many faults and failures in his life.  He is also a man who loves this country and the people in it.  He is committed to doing the very best he can for the United States.  He has put up with constant attacks since he ran for the Presidency and those attacks will not end.  Let us hope that he wins reelection and that he can withstand the constant attacks.  He is truly making America great again.