Barefoot Pundit

Have They All Lost Their Minds?

Well, well, well, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez appeared at a conference in Texas and shared more of her wisdom with the folks.  It turns out she blames FDR and especially Ronald Reagan for the racism in the country.  Reagan referred to welfare queens and according to AOC that was a shot at black women on welfare.  It would be nice for AOC to realize that there were people of all races and color on welfare.  By the way, the welfare queen that Reagan highlighted was white.


There are a number of things that are truly amazing about AOC.  First of all she speaks very authoritatively about people and events that predate her existence on earth.  Of course, scholars have always studied people who lived before them.  However, AOC is not an historian nor does her college work (whatever that consisted of) appear to have focused on history.  AOC discusses these issues as if she has studied them extensively.


What is truly amazing is the fact that many Democrats in Congress are paying incredible amount of attention to what AOC and what her other two cohorts (Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar) are saying.  Yes, many of the Dems in Congress are progressives but many are not.  These three women are getting no push back from the Party.  Nancy Pelosi is practically incoherent when she refers to these three as she makes excuses for their bizarre statements.  Nancy is remembering that many of the new Democrats were

elected in Republican or moderate districts.  The election of 2018 was not won by telling voters that the Democrats would move right into socialism.


On the 14th, Beto O’Rourke announced that he is running for President.  He did not appear to have any kind of platform.  He did however, tell the world that he is convinced that if nations do not take drastic measures regarding climate change the world will basically end in 12 years.  He is apparently in accord with Ocasio-Cortez. 


The Pundit has one thought.  If the world is ending in 12 years then we don’t have to worry about retirement, savings, or the children’s education.  It is going to be all over.


It is really exciting to have political figures who are clairvoyant and know the future so well.  That takes care of everything.  We have nothing to worry about.  Have a ball the next 12 years.