Barefoot Pundit

How About A Sense of Humor?

If your I.Q. reaches above 50 you understand that the left in this country has absolutely no sense of humor.  Their jeers at anyone on the right are not humorous.  They are just nasty.  Check out the so called humor of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel.  It is just nasty and often dirty.  This is not humor.


The left also takes itself very seriously which is something all people should be very careful about.  The latest example is the elevator story.  A number of people were in an elevator at the Hilton Hotel in San Francisco.  A Professor of Gender Studies offered to press the floor buttons.  Everyone in the elevator except for one woman was a white middle-aged man. As they came to each floor a professor of political theory at King’s College London asked for the women’s lingerie department. 


The Professor of Gender Studies glanced at the professor’s name tag.  She went back to her hotel room and checked out the association’s code of conduct.  She then wrote to Mark A. Boyer, executive director of the association.  He forwarded the complaint to the group’s Committee on Professional Rights and Responsibilities.  That committee determined that our London professor had violated the conduct code.


Oh, dear.  At the risk of dating oneself, there was a time when elevators had elevator operators who would announce what was on each floor.  In department stores elevator operators would announce the major items being sold on each floor.  There was always an announcement for lingerie.  There are actually times when people who are just having fun get on an elevator and ask for the floor with some specific item.  Just old timers bringing back memories. 


The tragedy of this event is that everyone is taking themselves very seriously.  Good grief!   We must constantly be on our best behavior according to the standard set by the left.  One thought comes to mind about the left’s reaction to every slight or imagined slight.

They are incredibly insecure.  They can take no disagreement.  Are they worried they will fall apart if they have to hear something that is disagreeable?


What is going on here is the Progressive dream that if enough laws and regulations are passed we will have a more perfect world.   No one will feel bad or suffer any discrimination.  This naiveté regarding human nature is a sad reflection on the education ystem in today’s world.  Lighten up folks.