Barefoot Pundit

Shoot “Em Up 

Well, the Pundit is back.  Life sometimes takes you places you hadn’t planned on going. The certainly includes this absolutely insane administration we now have in Washington.


The Pundit is a strong believer in term limits.  There are a number of people in government who have been around too long.  They are not a fine wine.  They have definitely turned to vinegar.  A person who fits that description is Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congressional Representative for San Francisco and third in line to the Presidency. 


Mrs. Pelosi is in need of therapy.  Her hate for Donald Trump has reached a bizarre point. Did she think she looked good when she stood at the State of the Union and ripped up the State of the Union message which happens to be an official government document?  She looked like a fifth grader having a tantrum which may be an insult to fifth graders.


However, the latest stunt of Madame Speaker is a beaut.  This information comes from Acting Department of Homeland Security Chief Ken Cuccinelli.  It is hard to imagine that he made this story up.  Mr. Cuccinelli stated that prior to the inauguration the Speaker called the Pentagon and wanted crew manned machine guns at the Capitol.  These weapons are designed to take out 10 to 12 people at a time.  Wonder if she thought this was a way to get rid of all those Trump supporters? 


Now, we have all these troops in Washington.  Have you wondered who they were guarding against?  It didn’t look like there were many people on the streets at the inauguration.  COVID is such a great excuse for a lot of things.


Besides being very uncomfortable physically as they are stationed in a garage basement, the troops now have a mini epidemic of the virus.  Obviously, they have not been socially distancing.  Fortunately many Governors are calling for the troops in their state to come home.  The best part of this story is that Donald Trump offered the troops the use of the Trump Hotel in D.C.


Nancy Pelosi needs to retire.  She can go back to San Francisco which has been ruined by progressive and far left policies.  Or, she can head to her vinyard in the Napa Valley. Try some really fine wine Nancy.  Let the vinegar go.