Barefoot Pundit

Call The Men in the White Coats!

Has this hair brained group in the so called media ever taken a psychology class?  If they have, do they not recognize that they are seriously impaired?  This is the latest example from some unknown media person who asked Donald Trump Jr. if he ever had dreams of sleeping with his mother.  He apparently had also been fired from another position when he had written that Donald Trump was sleeping with his daughter Ivanka.


Why are these people walking around loose?  These questions are not a reflection on the Trump family.  They are a reflection on the idiot who is asking them. 


So much of the media today remind the Pundit of some creature crawling out of the primordial swamp.  However, this is the swamp in Washington D.C. 


Is this all these jokers have?  Accusations of weird family behavior.  Charges that the President and his family are cruel and ignore the downtrodden.  The necessity of Time Magazine putting a picture of the President looking down on a very small child who is here illegally as an indication of how cruel and mean spirited he is. 


One thing is very clear through all of this muck.  The left and the media (one and the same) don’t have any good arguments or a real program to stand on.  They only have  a program built on hating Trump. 


If we don’t get control of this soon, Rush Limbaugh is correct.  Someone is going to be killed.  Can the United States of America withstand this hate and stupidity and survive as a freedom loving country?  We can only hope so.