Barefoot Pundit

Oh! What fun. A Press Conference.

There is nothing like a press conference after a big time meeting.  What an opportunity! Reporters can ask all kinds of questions.  We can look forward to great answers. Oh, wait.  It depends which participant is going to answer the questions.

In today’s charade in Geneva, Vladimir Putin of Russia answered all kinds of questions while promulgating all kinds of communist propaganda in his answers.  He was firm in his answers and needed no help from his staff.  He also was sharp enough to take a few shots at the United States and the continual unrest in many of our cities.  Vlad did say that there is no such unrest in Russia. 

Then there is Joe Biden at his press conference.  First of all, the press conference was two hours late.  Why?  Could it be that Joe needed to rest after the two hour meeting with Mr. Putin? 

When Joe did start his press conference he had trouble with some of the questions.  As he has stated before, he will get in trouble if he answers certain questions. Question!  Who will he get in trouble with?  His staff? Jill?  Barack Obama? 

It is evident that Joe Biden is suffering a lack of mental acuity.  To those of us who were watching the last two years, this is not new news.  The man has been failing for quite a while.

It is the opinion of many that Joe Biden has always been a racist and not too bright.  On top of it all the corruption connected to Hunter Biden is stunning.

The reason that Joe Biden went against all previous custom and did not have a press conference with Putin was because he could not have held his own and would have looked even worse than he did at his conference.

Joe Biden is undoubtedly suffering some type of cognitive decline.  The job of U.S. President requires that a person is at the top of his game both mentally and physically.  One wonders what Jill Biden was thinking when she pushed Joe to run for President.  Talk about ambition and the desire for power and money.  By the way:  who is really running the government?

Want to take some guesses on the cadre of power hungry people behind him?