Barefoot Pundit

The Women In White

Well, the State of the Union show is over.  Many of us believe that the event was a major positive for the President and the country.  Not surprisingly Republican applauded just about all that the President said and Democrats got cornered into applauding statements that I am sure, they would have rather not done.


However, the classic view was the Women in White.  These were all the Democrat House Representatives women who wore white to honor suffragettes and the right of women to vote which happened with the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.  Of course, their leader Nancy Pelosi was also in white while she flipped the pages of the President’s speech while he was speaking. 


Now, there are some historical facts that might be of interest which you can bet money on that this cadre of women do not know.


The color white is supposed to honor all the women who fought for equal rights especially the right to vote.  There is a major division between the suffragettes and this modern crew of protestors.  Democrat women today are all pro choice and support the abortion mantra if they want to be accepted into the party.  Virtually all of the suffragettes were against abortion.  Susan B. Anthony was vehemently against ending the life of an unborn child.  She would be horrified at the position of Democrat women today.


The other issue that these Women in White are probably ignorant of because it is history is how the 19th Amendment was ratified.  Republican Senator Aaron A. Sargent of California introduced women’s suffrage as a constitutional amendment in 1878. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other women testified before the Senate in support of the amendment.  The proposal sat in a committee until it was considered by the full Senate and rejected in a 16 to 34 vote in 1887.


Over the next three decades various states gave women the right to vote but the amendment itself was rejected in 1914.  Another proposal for universal suffrage was brought before the House in 1918.  When the proposal went to the Senate it fell two votes short of passage.  In 1919 it was again voted on and failed by one vote. Passage in the Senate was delayed because of the opposition of Southern Democrats.  The 19th Amendment was finally approved on August 18, 1920.  Three fourths of the states had voted for the Amendment and universal suffrage became law.


The Pundit’s last thoughts on the Women in White.  They were a reminder of a group of college sorority sisters getting together for a fun gathering.  Nothing serious!  Just giddy females.  They are so invested in the woman message that they lose all individuality as they mouth the feminist mantra. 


Very frankly, these women are rather boring.  They are all walking in lockstep with not one interesting idea among the lot beyond screaming insults at President Trump and pushing for Socialism   These Women in White are not doing anything for the serious advancement of women.  At the rate they are going they soon may all have to dress in black.