Barefoot Pundit

Would You Like a Cookie?

In case you would like some cookies, you can go to the store or you can see if there are any leftovers from Kamala Harris’s trip to Guatemala.  Didn’t you know?  Kamala took cookies in the shape of her head (minus facial features) on her trip south.  She passed them out to the people on Air Force 2. 


To the Woke Crowd, these cookies are probably really a cool item.  To the average American who is not totally caught up in their own importance, cookies in the shape of your head are probably rather strange.  However, when you are caught up with your wonderfulness, you would want some of those cookies.


To many people the Kamala cookies are the perfect representation of the Vice-President’s trip to Central America and Mexico.  To rational people those cookies are a reflection of the disastrous border policy of the Biden administration. 


People from 75 countries have entered the United States illegally.  From the southern border, illegal immigrants are being bussed all over the country to all of the states.  These people are arriving in the United States with virtually nothing being known about them.  We don’t know their backgrounds.  Many have criminal backgrounds and they are not deported.  In fact, Mr. Biden wants to bring back to the country people that were deported.


Donald Trump was relentlessly criticized for putting children in the cages that Barack Obama built.  The incredible crowding currently going on at the border is not receiving the same coverage from the biased, incompetent media.  On top of the crowding, the coronavirus is rampant among the people crossing the border.  Social distancing is not happening and one wonders what treatment is being given those that are sick. 


The Biden border policy is disastrous for our country.  It is intentional and probably meant to change the demographics in many states.  A long range goal would be for these people to become citizens eventually and vote Democrat since it was the Democrat party that let them into the country. 


Neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris have visited the border since the inauguration. There is one simple reason.  If either one of them goes to the border reporters with cameras will follow them.  Heavens, the real situation would be shown to the country which is not happening now.  Fox, Newsmax and One America News are covering the situation at the border.  Other news outlets are providing very little coverage of what is actually going on. 


What at mess!  Cookies anyone?