Barefoot Pundit

A Bad Word

      Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!  It would appear that someone in Washington said something gross and uncouth.  This is shocking because this sort of thing doesn’t happen in our nation’s pure and clean capitol.  Oh wait.  I forgot Lyndon Baines Johnson, Democrat President.  He had no problem calling African Americans the N word.  He had no problem sitting on the toilet while he dictated to the poor people who were working for him.  But of course, this was not reported at the time.  He was a Democrat.

     Senator Dick Durbin, states that President Trump referred to some countries in the world as shithole countries.  This has been immediately taken to mean that the President is a racist because the countries he supposedly referred to have many black citizens. 

     President Barack Obama also referred to Libya as a shitshow.  That did not appear to bother the media.


FIRST OF ALL:  Dick Durbin is a notorious liar in Washington.  He has been caught many times in lies, shades of the truth and outright insults especially against our military. There was no recording of the meeting.  Senators Purdue and Cotton have both stated that they never heard the President use this term.  In addition, the President states that strong language was used but he did not say the word he is supposed to have said.


SECOND:  The President was basically asking why we want immigrants who have no cultural and historical background of a democratic government.   Well, that only matters if you are concerned about the continuance of America as a constitutional republic. If you are concerned about maintaining your elite status and gathering more Democrat votes then you are very interested in allowing more people into the country with no cultural or historical background and who will be willing to vote for you and live off government benefits.


THIRD:  These countries that the President was supposedly referring to are not countries with horrible people.  They are countries with horrible governments.  Haiti, for example, has had a series of terrible dictators who robbed the country blind.  In fact, if the press were really doing their job, they would have reported all the money that the Clintons robbed from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.  Bill Clinton was appointed designated UN representative for Haitian aid and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in charge of U.S. aid allocated to Haiti.  Interestingly, companies that received contracts in Haiti were companies that made large donations to the Clinton Foundation.  Foreign governments and foreign companies received Haitian deals in exchange for donating to the Clinton Foundation.  Haiti is still suffering from the 2010 earthquake.  It is religious groups that

are working in Haiti to help Haitians.


     President Trump may not use the terms of Emily Post or Judith Martin but he speaks the language of average Americans who love their country and want the country to survive as a free and democratic society.